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Team Orion® is a world-renowned manufacturer of World Championship winning batteries, chargers, motors and ESCs. Since their first release in 2012, the Swiss brand’s Vortex R10 and R10.1 Pro ESC have dominated almost every major off-road event worldwide


Team Orion – reigning 2wd and 4wd World Champions – proudly announce the new Ultimate Graphene LiPo competition batteries. The new Ultimate Graphene LiPo batteries represent the latest development in lithium battery technology, offering new levels of performance. Our engineers have worked closely with our team drivers to fine tune the performance of our Graphene LiPo batteries to make sure that the performance is optimal, no matter the track conditions. Thanks to the ultra low internal resistance and improved capacity, the new Graphene LiPo cells supply stable power, from the start to the end of the race. The Ultimate Graphene Lipo range is composed of two families of batteries, the Ultimate Graphene LiPo (7.4V) and the Ultimate Graphene LiPo HV (7.6V). The new batteries are available in the all the most popular formats, shorty, small shorty, stick and 4S block for 1/8.
Advanced Graphene LiPo Chemistry
Low IR for high power output
Improved capacity
Up to 120C Discharge Rate
Up to 5C Charge Rate
Heavy Duty Gold battery connectors

All Ultimate Graphene LiPo Racing Packs:
ORI14500 Ultimate Graphene HV Lipo 7600 3.8V 120C
ORI14501 Ultimate Graphene HV Lipo Shorty 3500 ULCG 7.6V 120C
ORI14502 Ultimate Graphene HV Lipo Shorty 4000 LCG 7.6V 120C
ORI14503 Ultimate Graphene HV Lipo Shorty 5800 7.6V 120C
ORI14504 Ultimate Graphene HV Lipo 7000 7.6V 120C
ORI14505 Ultimate Graphene HV Lipo 8200 7.6V 120C
ORI14506 Ultimate Graphene HV Lipo 7200 15.2V 120C
ORI14510 Ultimate Graphene Lipo 7200 3.7V 120C
ORI14511 Ultimate Graphene Lipo Shorty 3200 ULCG 7.4V 120C
ORI14512 Ultimate Graphene Lipo Shorty 3600 LCG 7.4V 120C
ORI14513 Ultimate Graphene Lipo Shorty 5500 7.4V 120C
ORI14514 Ultimate Graphene Lipo 6000 7.4V 120C
ORI14515 Ultimate Graphene Lipo 6800 7.4V 120C
ORI14516 Ultimate Graphene Lipo 6600 14.8V 120C

After his tremendous victory in 2wd, Ryan Maifield makes the double at the IFMAR World Championships held in China this week. The US driver used Team Orion batteries, motors, chargers and the new HMX® Technology speed controllers to take home the win in the 4wd class today. Team Orion driver and 1/8 World Champion David Ronnefalk finished second, while Ty Tessmann (4th), Jörn Neumann (5th) and Dakotah Phend (8th) completed the extraordinary result for the Swiss manufacturer of high-end power equipment.

Team Orion's new HMX® speed controllers have been used first time at a World Championship. Immediately the 32bit controllers proved to be in a class of their own taking home the victory in 2wd and 4wd. With 5 drivers in the top 10 of both classes, the HMX® controllers were clearly dominating the event. With the difficult track conditions, perfect power and brake control were a crucial factor for the outstanding performance of the team.

Winning Equipment Used By Ryan Maifield:

ORI65132 Team Orion HMX 10 Modified Pro ESC
ORI28307 Team Orion Vortex VST2 Pro LW 540 5.5T Brushless Motor
ORI14083 Team Orion 5000 Ultra 110C Shorty Li-Po Battery
ORI30298 Team Orion Advantage Touch Duo AC/DC V-Max 2x100W Charger