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How to paint Lexan car bodies correctly? For a little help, please scroll down to the bottom...
Highly opaque, fuel-resistant paint for unpainted polycarbonate bodies - Paint remains elastic after drying and thus no chipping or crumbling is possible as with normal paints - Extremely short drying time - Long-lasting fastness of the selected color tone - Many different color shades give free rein to your creativity - Can contents 150 ml - TIP: Always paint bodies from the inside ; For a glossy result, repaint neon colors and effect colors with white.  
Cut out the car body and sand the cut edges. Many car bodies have a transparent protective film on the outside. Do not remove this protective film until the paint has dried! Mask off all areas not to be painted with masking film or masking tape. Paint the dark colors first and then the light colors to prevent the dark colors from showing through the light colors. Always check that the surfaces are dry, free of grease and dust before painting!
For best results
Shake the can vigorously for about 2 minutes before use. The mixing ball inside the spray can should stir up particles that have settled and mix the contents. Spray at a distance of approx. 20 to 30 cm. During spraying, make uniform transverse movements with the can beyond the edge (make sure that the can is placed on a suitable base!). The opacity of Absima paints varies from color to color. Always spray one very thin coat at a time to prevent the paint from running. The final result is achieved after at least 2 to 3 coats. Wait about 5 min. before applying the next coat. Never spray only one heavy coat! Let the paint dry for 5 minutes before removing the masking film/tape and applying the next coat. After use, turn the can upside down and spray for 2 sec. to clear the spray nozzle of paint residue.
Special instructions for fluorescent paints
Fluorescent paints do not seem to cover as well as normal paints. When spraying, make absolutely sure that only very light coats are applied. Always apply at temperatures above 15°C. Spray from a distance of +/-15/20 cm. Allow the paint to dry for 30 min. and backcoat the fluorescent paint with white paint (Art. No. 3500001). Only then will the desired fluorescent effect be achieved!
Coloring the windows
To color the windows, you can use the Smoke spray paint (Art. No. 3500020). Let the entire painted body dry for 10 min. before painting the windows. Spray the transparent paint onto the car body from a distance of approx. 30 to 40 cm. Make sure that you only apply a very thin layer of paint, as running around the windows can easily destroy the overall appearance of an otherwise beautifully painted car body!
Special instructions for glitter and metallic paints
These colors do not cover (glitter) or do not cover well (metallic)! Glitter colors are structured in such a way that they must first be sprayed onto the car body. With these colors, special care must be taken to apply only very thin coats! These colors are just effect particles that are sprayed onto the body. Allow the applied glitter particles to dry for approx. 10 min. before covering them with a base color of your choice (TIP: Metallic colors can be easily backed with the same standard color).
Note for Ice/Candy colors
These colors do not cover well. The candy/ice effect depends on how closely you follow the instructions! Recommended working temperature: +/- 20°C. Spray very thin, even coats (+/-15) about 2 minutes apart on your car body to produce the best result. Allow the applied Ice/Candy paint to dry for approx. 10 min. before covering with a base color of your choice (TIP: use lighter base color for lighter finishes, use darker base color for darker finishes).
Please note: Paint cans are hazardous materials. Please note the data sheet that you will find with the respective article (German; English; French).