Competition Lipo 5900mAh 140C 4S1P HV HC 5mm

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Competition Lipo  5900mAh 140C 4S1P HV HC 5mm - Image 1
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The new ABSIMA LiPo batteries represent the current spearhead of development in lithium battery technology and offer new levels of performance. Masterful engineering, combined with experience from professional model sports, has resulted in a performance-optimized battery generation that is second to none on the track. The addition of graphene gives the battery improved properties such as higher energy density, lower internal resistance, higher discharge rates and a longer life cycle. 
Graphene LiPo information:
ABSIMA Graphene Lipo series can be used as a standard 7.4V LiPo battery or as a high voltage (HV) 7.6V LiPo. But what is the difference between "7.4 V STANDARD" AND "7.6 V HIGH VOLTAGE" capacities?
Normal LiPo batteries have a final charge voltage of 4.2V per cell when fully charged. Due to the unique hybrid RS cell structure, the new type can handle a bit more and can be charged up to 4.35V. This not only results in more power from startup, but also means that there is more power in each individual cell, allowing for longer runtimes.

How do I charge HV LiPo batteries?
First, check if your charger includes a program for charging HV LiPos. It must be possible to set a charging end voltage of 4.35 volts. If this is the case, HV LiPo batteries should be charged as normal LiPo batteries. The maximum charge rate for an ABSIMA Graphene Lipo is 5C (5 times the capacity of the battery). 
One more very important note about the charging process! 
Please be sure to reset the final charge voltage back to 4.2V after completing the HV battery charge. Never charge a standard LiPo battery (7.4V) with 4.35V final voltage!!!! 

Good to know:
A LiPo battery of the new generation should not be stored fully charged. Rather, the battery should be charged between 50% and 60% and not be stored below 10% discharged, otherwise the cells will be damaged. 
HV-Lipos can also be charged with up to 4.2V like normal Lipos. They still offer more runtime under full load due to the much more compact design and a lower voltage drop. 
  • Capacity: 5900mAh
  • C-Rate: 140C
  • Voltage: 15.2V
  • Wh: 89,68 
  • Plugs: 5mm Bullet / T-Plug (cable included)
  • Maximum charging current: 5C 
  • Type of construction: Hardcase
  • Dimensoins (LxWxH): 139x47x40 mm (±1mm) 
  • Balancer plug system: XH
  • Weight: 448g (±10g)

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 pcs. LiPo Pack 
  • Connecting cable
  • Hazard information
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Verry good, 19.04.2022
Much power and good for the balans of the car with the low profile
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Power !!!, 12.04.2022
Schiebt schön an. Konstanter gleichmässiger Stromfluss ! Top Produkt. Unschlagbares Preis-Leistungs Verhältnis.
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Power, 07.04.2022
Da kommt richtig viel Power raus!
Sehr guter, leichter Akku
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