Pro Multi Tool for Shocks & Pivot Balls

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When building the shock absorbers, it is important that the piston rods remain scratch-free. If you hold the piston rod with a normal pair of pliers, you will cause slight scoring / scratches on the piston rod. These scratches can destroy the seal in the damper during compression. The result is a leaking damper.
That is why there are pliers made of aluminum with a recess for the piston rod. Aluminum is softer than steel and does not leave scratches. So that the piston rod can still be gripped well, the pliers enclose almost the entire piston rod.
If aluminum is still too hard for you, you can also use the enclosed nylon inserts. These are guaranteed to leave no marks.
With the three different sized recesses, the pliers can be used for all common shock absorbers in 1:12, 1:10 and 1:8 scale.
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