1:10 EP Buggy "AB3.4-V2 KIT" 4WD KIT

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1:10 EP Buggy "AB3.4-V2 KIT" 4WD KIT - Image 1
1:10 EP Buggy "AB3.4-V2 KIT" 4WD KIT - Image 2
1:10 EP Buggy "AB3.4-V2 KIT" 4WD KIT - Image 3
1:10 EP Buggy "AB3.4-V2 KIT" 4WD KIT - Image 4
1:10 EP Buggy "AB3.4-V2 KIT" 4WD KIT - Image 5
1:10 EP Buggy "AB3.4-V2 KIT" 4WD KIT - Image 6
1:10 EP Buggy "AB3.4-V2 KIT" 4WD KIT - Image 11:10 EP Buggy "AB3.4-V2 KIT" 4WD KIT - Image 21:10 EP Buggy "AB3.4-V2 KIT" 4WD KIT - Image 31:10 EP Buggy "AB3.4-V2 KIT" 4WD KIT - Image 41:10 EP Buggy "AB3.4-V2 KIT" 4WD KIT - Image 51:10 EP Buggy "AB3.4-V2 KIT" 4WD KIT - Image 6
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The success story continues! We have equipped the AB3.4 "V2" KIT with some new features that take the vehicle to the next evolutionary stage
Some technical changes have been made to our 1:10 buggy - among other things, the vehicle now comes with LED lighting on the roof
  • NEW* LED lighting
  • NEW* Downforce rear wing
  • NEW* even more tuning parts available
The KIT version is a kit that can be assembled with standard tools such as pliers and screwdrivers. Shock absorbers and gearbox units are already pre-assembled so that even children can build this vehicle under parental supervision. You can also decide for yourself which electronic components should be installed in the vehicle. The kit includes 2 gear units - a copper/plastic version with the gear ratio for brushed motors and a full metal version designed for a brushless drive. This means that there are no limits to the motorization.
  • 4WD all-wheel drive
  • 4 oil shock absorbers
  • Ball bearing main drive
  • Extremely durable composite plastic parts
  • Steel differential outlets
  • Aluminum main drive shaft with steel mounts
  • Adjustable upper tie rods
  • 5mm aluminum motor mount
  • 6mm shock towers
  • 2 differentials (front/rear)
  • Stylish "Cap Forward" buggy body
  • "Light-Weight" chassis (less weight - longer driving time)
  • Many aluminum tuning parts available
  • Scale 1:10
  • Dimensions (L/W/H): 380x255x155 mm
  • Weight: 1400g
  • Wheelbase: 270mm
  • Ground clearance: approx. 30mm
  • Track width: 215mm front/rear
  • Front wheels: Ø 88mm / width: 33mm
  • Rear wheels: Ø 88mm / width: 42mm
  • Shock absorber oil: 400CPS
  • Installation length of the shock absorbers: 90mm
  • Gear ratio BRUSHED version: pinion: 23T / main gear: 64T (module 0.6)
  • Gear ratio BRUSHLESS version: pinion: 26T / main gear: 64T (module 0.6)   
  • 1/10 Buggy "AB3.4V2" KIT version
  • Sticker sheet
  • Manual
    • Speed controller and motor (brushed or brushless)*         
    • Radio and receiver unit*
    • Steering servo with 25T*
    • Drive battery (7.2V NiMH or 7.4V/2S LiPo battery)*
    • Charger (suitable for the drive battery)*
    • Programming card (optional for individual settings of the speed controller)
    • 4 pcs. AA batteries for the remote control*
    A selection of required* and optional items can also be found further up on this page under spare parts and accessories
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