RC 1:8 & 1:10 Crawler - buy online

Nature is a wonderful balance to everyday life, work, etc. Whether alone or with the whole family - it is incredible what there is to discover! It's even more fun when you have the opportunity to play a little on the side ;-)

Driving RC crawlers has proven to be a great "stress reliever". Just take a leisurely stroll through the forest in search of obstacles to overcome. It's fascinating to see the gradients, slopes and water channels that can be mastered. The rougher the ground, the greater the challenge and of course the fun factor! No wanton destruction of material, but very long riding times.

BUT! It's not just the driving itself. Often it's also tinkering, building and thinking. Making your own conversions or using ready-made parts - simply making the vehicle as individual as you want it to be.

You will find a huge selection of add-on parts HERE