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Advantage Touch Pro 12VDC

Artikel-Nr.:  ORI30205
Advantage Touch Pro 12VDC - Bild 1
Advantage Touch Pro 12VDC - Bild 2
Advantage Touch Pro 12VDC - Bild 3
Advantage Touch Pro 12VDC - Bild 1Advantage Touch Pro 12VDC - Bild 2Advantage Touch Pro 12VDC - Bild 3
Hersteller: Team Orion Europe S.A.
Team Orion Europe S.A.
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249,99 EUR
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The Advantage Touch Pro charge is our most powerfultouch technolgy charger. It can charge and dischargeyour batteries at a high rate allowing you to squeeze outthe maximum performance out of your batteries.A must for the serious competitors!

Packaging Contents:
  • Advantage Touch Charger w/power cord
  • 4-in-1 Balancing Board (XH, TP/FP, EH and HP/PQ)
  • TRX, Deans, Tamiya, crocodile, EC3, BEC and Futaba charge leads
  • USB cable for firmware upgrade
  • Instruction manual and Quick Start User Guide

  • 12A charge 20A discharge
  • 4-in-1 Balancing Board
  • Charge assistant
  • Multi-lingual interface - 6 languages pre-installed!
  • Graphic charge/discharge display
  • Graphic balancing display
  • Upgradeable software via USB

HPC Processor
It’s important that the charger givesthe battery a complete charge,no matter the type and original statusof the battery. Through extensiveR&D we have found the bestcharge and discharge profiles to ensurea safe and reliable charge anddischarge, time after time. The highprecision charging circuitry managesthe charge and discharge withunprecedented levels of accuracy,delivering optimal battery performancecharge after charge.

Spectra TFT Screen
On a devicesuch as this one, the screen isa very important part of the charger.The 3” 400x240 color TFT-LCD displaycombined with our specializedATTS touch software offers an exclusive“touch” experience for theuser. Selected high grade componentsensure a flawless and intuitiveexperience, the information isclearly displayed on the screen andthe touch screen precisely registersthe user input. Thanks to it’s “touch”input, the charger reaches new levelsof usability and interactivity.

ATTS Software
The ATTS software was specificallydesigned for the Advantagecharger, its interface offers bothease of use for beginners and customizabilityfor experienced users.All of the information is clearly displayedon the high-resolution colorscreen, this means that havingto read lengthy user manuals is athing of the past, the charger offersa very intuitive experience.To make things even simpler forusers with limited knowledge, a setupassistant helps the user to setupto charger.

Advanced Balancing
The Advantage Touch charger isequipped with a lithium battery balancefunction. This function enablesyou to check the status of yourlithium batteries and if required itcan balance the cells without havingto use the charge or dischargefunctions of the charger. A graphicdisplay and data such has voltageand IR for each cell are displayedon the screen indicating their currentstatus.

Graphics Engine
Thanks to its advanced softwareand hardware capabilities, the chargercan display the current chargeand discharge status with a graphic.Graphics give a visual readingof data which can help youbetter visualize the current state ofthe battery. You can check the batterycharge and discharge voltagecurves which may indicate eventualinconsistencies with the batteryfunction.

Charge Assistant
Adjusting the correct parametersinto the charger is not an easy taskfor those that are not familiar withcharging batteries. To help out theseusers, the Advantage Touch chargerfeatures a setup assistant which allowsyou to easily setup the chargerparameters by following the onscreeninformation.

Updatable Firmware
The charger is equipped with a miniUSB port. Thanks to this port, youcan connect your charger to a computerand update its software. Updatedsoftware can improve the capabilitiesof the charger, it also helpsit maintain its original value sinceyou can always have the latestfunctionalities. Software updatescan be downloaded from our websitewww.teamorion.com/touch.

Multi-Language Software
The latest generation of touch chargersfeatures six pre-installed interfacelanguages: english, japanese,german, french, italian and swedish.

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