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Team Orion LiPo 2200 4S 14,8V 50C XT60

Artikel-Nr.:  ORI60164
Team Orion LiPo 2200 4S 14,8V 50C XT60 - Bild 1
Team Orion LiPo 2200 4S 14,8V 50C XT60 - Bild 2
Team Orion LiPo 2200 4S 14,8V 50C XT60 - Bild 1Team Orion LiPo 2200 4S 14,8V 50C XT60 - Bild 2
Hersteller: Team Orion Europe S.A.
Team Orion Europe S.A.
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Knowing the charge status of your LiPo batteries is important but it also requires that you have the equipment with you to do it. To make your life easier, we have designed a simple LED voltmeter and integrated it directly into the LiPo battery design. This way you don’t have to worry about carrying extra electronics. To find out the charge status of your battery, simply press the button located on the circuit board and check the LED readout. The LED will indicate if the battery is fully charged, 75% charged, 50% charged (for storage) or empty. The latest lithium polymer battery technology has been used for this new range of softcase batteries. They can handle discharge rates of up to 50C and charge rates of up to 5C, offering outstanding performance for all applications. These batteries are available in variety of capacities, sizes and connectors.

  • Innovative LED Charge Status Control System
  • Up to 50C Discharge Rate
  • Up to 5C Charge Rate
  • Wide range of capacities, configurations and connectors
  • Latest Lithium Polymer technology
  • Improved Cycle Life and Cell stability
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