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Power Tank Lipo 11.1V-60C  6200mAh HC (XT90-Plug) - Image 1
Power Tank Lipo 11.1V-60C  6200mAh HC (XT90-Plug) - Image 2
Power Tank Lipo 11.1V-60C  6200mAh HC (XT90-Plug) - Image 1Power Tank Lipo 11.1V-60C  6200mAh HC (XT90-Plug) - Image 2
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POWER TANK - Absima LiPo-Series
Description: If you are a hobby driver or a basher, these are the batteries you should have no second thoughts about buying. 
This batteries fill the gap between entry level and competition line and are perfect for all 1/10 & especially 1/8 brushless cars. If you need extra power for club racing or bashing, this batteries are perfect!  You will get a LiPo with 60C and a fantastic inner resistance for an amazing price.  
- Plug system: XT90 plug (Amass)
- Minimum capacity: 6200 mAh 
- Voltage: 11.1 Volt 
- C-rate: 60 C
- Watt hours: 68.82Wh
- Balancer plug system: XH
- Battery box design: Hardcase 
- Measures (LxWxH) 138 x 46 x 35 mm
- Weight: 480 g
What means C-rate?
The C-rate indicates the maximum discharge/load of a LiPo battery. To do this, the C-rate is multiplied by the nominal capacity. The result is the maximum current in amperes. 
Example: 4.0Ah (4000mAh) * 60C = 240 A
It should be noted, however, that different resistances (connectors, cables and especially the internal resistance) influence the current output, so that these values can never be reached. Our goal is to keep the internal resistances as low as possible in order to achieve maximum performance.
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