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RC accessories - everything for your RC vehicle
Model building does not work without the right accessories for maintenance, tuning or repair! In addition to spare parts, batteries and tools, are also included paints, additional attachments, lighting and much more. ABSIMA offers you a huge assortment of modeling accessories, where you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for. Take a look around our shop and order modeling accessories conveniently online.
Our assortment includes:
RC Electronics
Here you will find everything that concerns the steering and the drive of a RC car. From remote control and servos to electric motors and drive accessories.
RC Charging & Battery
Nothing works without electricity! Even combustion vehicles need a battery to power the onboard electronics.
RC Body, Chassis & Attachments
The look matters! Customize your vehicle, whether it's an offroad bolide, street racer, crawler or scaler.
Paints, Oils & Accessories
Here you will find Lexan paints, shock absorber and differential oils as well as lining and masking tapes.
RC Accessories
We offer a wide variety of different internal combustion accessories. From the engine, glow plug connector, air filter to the tank filler bottle you will find everything in our store! RC tires, rims & wheel sets The right wheels not only offer a good performance but also pimp the vehicle accordingly, just like in real life.
Modeling Tools & Accessories
Model making = building models! For this you also need the right tools. Whether you need body work or a spare part, we have the right tools!
RC Bags, Race Wear & Merchandise
Looking good at the race track is important nowadays. Here you will find the right gear. In addition, there are practical transport bags, stickers and much more.
Which modeling accessories you should buy depends entirely on your personal vision as well as the RC models you already own. Our assortment offers you a wide variety of possibilities to choose from. If you like to tinker, you will find the right parts with our accessories for model building, with which you can individually expand your RC model according to your wishes. For kits and maintenance work, it's a good idea to have the right RC tools at hand. You can also replace and/or customize the bodies and wheels as you wish. This is how you ensure that your RC vehicle is unique. Modeling accessories that you should definitely own include spare batteries and chargers. But you can also find fan articles of your favorite brands for example T-shirts, hoodies or sticker sheets. By ordering modeling accessories online at ABSIMA, you will ensure that you have even more fun with your hobby.