RC Cars directly from manufacturer

Remote controlled model cars or simply RC Cars inspire big and small car fans.
Radio controlled cars are not a toy, but more a hobby that can inspire the whole family. In our online shop, we offer a wide variety of different vehicle types and we advise you on what you should pay attention to while buying.
What RC cars are there?
Mainly distinguished among the following characteristics:
Construction type:
In our shop you will find RC Cars that are ready for immediate use. Models with the designation RTR are already fully built and are delivered with remote control and sometimes with battery and charger. A second category are the KIT versions. These kits come in parts and are self-assembled with the help of the instructions. Electronic components such as remote control, steering servo and speed controller are not included in the kit and can be purchased separately depending on your wishes and budget.
Type of vehicle:
The main distinction is between RC onroad and RC offroad models. While the fast and maneuverable onroad vehicles are at home on solid ground and asphalt tracks, the offroad bolide feels more at home on loose ground. Whether crawler, buggy, truggy or monster truck, these offroad vehicles can basically be used on any surface.
The scale tells you how big the remote controlled car is in relation to a real vehicle. In our online shop you will mainly find models in scale 1:8 and 1:10 which are probably the two most popular ones.
We offer vehicles with combustion or electric motors in our shop. The advantages of vehicles with brushed or brushless electric motors are their easy handling, low maintenance costs and environmental compatibility.  RC combustion motors, on the other hand, provide an adrenaline rush due to their background noise, but they are much more demanding in their handling. Both types of vehicle can reach speeds of up to 100kmh, depending on the motor and type of vehicle.
RC Car purchasing advice:
Before you order an RC car from our online shop, you should consider which type you prefer: onroad or offroad. An RTR model is ready to go, but a KIT version can bring many advantages if a repair is needed because the assembly steps are known. Both versions are modifiable in terms of appearance and performance, this is what distinguishes RC modeling from toys. Just have a look at the different RC models in our online shop.